Teaching and mentoring


U. of British Columbia

Spring 2019 — Instructor Microbial Ecological Genomics (MICB425); Microbes and Society (BIOL346)

Spring 2019 — Guest lecturer Experimental Microbiology (MICB421); Molecular Immunology and Virology Laboratory (MICB323); Statistical Methods for High Dimensional Biology (STAT540)

Fall 2018 — Instructor Bioinformatics (MICB405); Microbial Ecophysiology (MICB301)

Fall 2018 — Guest lecturer Experimental Molecular Biology (MICB447); Molecular Microbiology Laboratory (MICB322)

Spring 2018 — Instructor Microbial Ecological Genomics (MICB425); Microbes and Society (BIOL346)

Spring 2018 — Guest lecturer Experimental Microbiology (MICB421)

Fall 2017 — Instructor Bioinformatics (MICB405); Microbial Ecophysiology (MICB301)

U. of Wisconsin-Madison

Sum 2017 — Facilitator Research Mentor Training

Spring 2017 — Instructor Inclusive Teaching for TAs (EPD690)

Spring 2016 — Guest lecturer & teaching assistant Physiological Diversity of Prokaryotes lab (MICRO551)

Spring 2015 — Teaching assistant Biology of Microorganisms (MICRO303)

Fall 2012 — Guest lecturer & teaching assistant Physiology of Microorganisms (MICRO526)

Workshops and short courses

2018-2019 — Instructor ECOSCOPE workshops “Introduction to R”, “The R tidyverse”, “Reproducible research in Git and R”, and “Intermediate R programming”

Sum 2018— Instructor Compute Canada Research Computing Summer School “Microbiome data manipulation and visualization in R”

Oct 2015 — Instructor Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Brazil, short course “Investigating the microbiota using the Illumina MiSeq: from design to analysis”


U. of British Columbia

2018-2019 — Yue Liu (graduate TA). Applied Mathematics MS student. Now PhD student, U. of Oxford

2018-2019 — Mohammad Najjarzadegan (graduate CIRTL Teaching-as-Research). Electronics, Circuits and Systems PhD student

2018 — Nolan Shelley (graduate TA). Botany PhD student

2018 — David Yin (undergraduate TA). Computer Science and Statistics undergraduate. Now MS student, Stanford

2018 — Jonah Lin (undergraduate CPSC448 Directed studies). BS Computer Science and Microbiology & Immunology. Now MS student, U. of Toronto

2017-2018 — Lisa McEwen (graduate TA). PhD Medical Genetics. Now Clinical Data Consultant, Vancouver Island Health Authority

2017-2018 — Kris Hong (undergraduate TA). BS Statistics. Now Data Scientist, Connex One

2017-2018 — Julia Beni (visiting graduate TA). Environmental Engineering PhD candidate, U. of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Now Environmental Engineer, Woodard & Curran

U. of Wisconsin-Madison

2012-2017 — Mentored students and collaborators in sequencing setup and analysis. Departments include Animal and Dairy Science (4), Entomology (1), Population Health (1), Surgery (1), and Veterinary Medicine (3)

2015-2017 — Madison Cox (graduate). Microbiology PhD candidate

2015-2017 — Andrew Steinberger (undergraduate/graduate). BS Microbiology. Now Microbiology PhD candidate

2015-2016 — Camila Cunha (visiting graduate). PhD Animal Science, Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Viçosa, Brazil. Now Adjunct Professor, Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul

2015-2016 — Juliana (Dias) Young (visiting graduate). PhD Animal Science, Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Viçosa, Brazil. Now Research Associate, U. of Wisconsin-Madison

2014-2015 — Zoe Papalia-Beatty (high school) Youth Apprenticeship Program in Biotechnology, U. of Wisconsin-Madison. Now Environmental Health Technician, City of St. Cloud

2012-2013 — Amy Speich (undergraduate). BS Food Science, U. of Wisconsin-Madison. Now Food Technologist Assistant, Agropur Ingredients

2012 — Sonia Chris-Ukah (REU undergraduate). BS Biology, U. of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Now Physician Assistant at Center for Pain Management